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Let’s call it whatever, whatever, whatever, whatever…Hi! I’m Bella Thorne, and you’re watching Disney Channel. Just kidding. It’s me, Perky, and this is a promo post! So come send me a request, I’ll love you so much if you do.

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Could you suggest male fcs (17-25) that could play David McCall (Mark Wahlberg's character from Fear)?
  • Liam Payne 
  • Beau Mirchoff 
  • Justin Bieber 

That’s all my ideas, I’m sorry!

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do you know any themes that have two side bars and possibly an admin section on the theme?

Letsrp is always releasing amazing themes with admin spaces! I’m not sure how many of them have two sidebars, but some have a sidebar and a header. And this gorgeous theme by Leahepburn!

Welcome to Arc Hospital.

Arc was built in the early 1980’s by a man named Thomas Arc and his best friend, Johnathon Hall. At the time, it was called Archall Medical Center. It was open for twenty years before the owners got into an argument about the treatment of the patients and residents. After that, Johnathon Hall was removed from co-ownership, as well as the board. To this day, he refuses to speak to Thomas Arc or even associate himself with the hospital — Hence the name change.
Now it is the year 2014 and Thomas Arc has passed away, leaving the company in the hands of his eldest daughter, Celia. She has made a lot of changes, but most of the patients seem to like her.

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what's a good backstory for a character based on reckless by you me at six?

Challenging! I think it’d be cool to do a sort of wronged lover sort of thing. Someone who was used for sex by someone who claimed to love them, and now they’ve decided not to fall for that or anyone again?

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Introducing For the King’s Favor, a new fantasy medieval roleplay, currently searching for co-admins for both graphics and bio help! In the realm of Eden, King Ronan has no heirs and no wife, for the queen and their children were murdered. King Ronan has taken it upon himself to elect the next great ruler of Eden, ordering all those with potential claims to the throne to court so he may determine who will become his successor. Who will inherit the throne as the next King or Queen? (shoutout?)