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hey guys im a new talk blog hitting the tags send me some urls!!!!!! #rp #rph #rpt #rpa #rpo #rpg #rp #appless rp #appless roleplay #appless rpg #skeleton rp #skeleton rpg #skeleton roleplay #bio rp #bio rpg #bio roleplay #oc rp #oc rpg #oc roleplay #roleplay help #alyofrp #shayofrp #lol #starbucks #instagram #rpcha #im batman #roleplay game

i just need an rp where I can play my bae ryan newman :(


here’s around 100 small/med RECENT(ish) hq gifs of zac efron. none of these have text and all of them are under 1.05mb which means they wont freeze on you. none of these are mine and all of the credit goes to the original creators. no repeats. 


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awkwardly feels like i annoy everyone


Theme 20—Primadonna 


  • Single-columned theme
  • Three Custom Links
  • Disabled highlight and right click
  • Sidebar image turns monochrome on hover
  • Sweet and simple blog! :)


  1. Please keep all credits intact! 
  2. Don’t steal parts of the coding or claim it as your own. Also, don’t use any themes as a base code. If you want a link to the base codes I use, just ask. 
  3. Please please try to like/reblog this post. It really helps. 

if anything doesn’t work or if you have any questions, please ask! 



This is a gif hunt for Hottie McHotterson, also known as Liz Gillies. There are #472 gifs here, sorted by emotion, none of which are mine. Sorry for any repeats.



i need a younger sibling for louis tomlinson

can I have you daughter for the rest of my life? Say yes, say yes, coz I need to know.

Hey I have Kik, aim, hike, Snapchat and I will actually join your preferred method of chatting I wanna be friends with all of you


haha sorry to show up to your house unannounced but uhm haha you unfollowed me?? haha im sure it was a mistake, may I come in?